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DKR2 CAPITAL is an Israeli, cross boarder Investment Banking & brokerage boutique, providing a full access to the Israeli capital market.

Among other services we provide sell side as well as buy-side advisory services to local & international companies, funds, family offices, asset mangers & others, looking to invest or acquire Israeli and Israeli related companies, fundraising services, IPO, private debt transactions and other valuable related services associated with our unique value proposition and strong team.

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Working with us, you will experience a personal approach to M&A built on mutual trust and transparency. With many former entrepreneurs and industry executives on our team, we understand the unique challenges of your business. From creating the strategy to closing the deal, you can rely on our deep expertise and unwavering commitment to give you world-class financial advice.

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Accompanying companies, boards of directors and shareholders in financial, business and strategic consulting processes. Finding creative economic solutions and promoting business initiatives regularly and proactively.

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Information technology

The key trends in Information Technology (IT) include cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and edge computing. These trends shape the IT landscape and impact various industries.

Professional services in IT encompass consulting, system integration, software development, and IT outsourcing. IT professionals provide expertise to optimize technology solutions and align them with business objectives.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) enhance technology products and services to meet specific customer needs. They act as intermediaries, providing customization, integration, and ongoing support.

Investment opportunities in the IT sector include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, cybersecurity solutions, AI and ML technology, cloud infrastructure providers, and IoT and edge computing companies. These investments leverage the growth potential of these technologies and their applications in various industries. READ MORE

Green Energy

Israel presents numerous opportunities for investors in the green energy sector. The country has established a supportive regulatory environment with ambitious targets for renewable energy production. Abundant sunlight makes Israel ideal for solar power projects, particularly in the Negev Desert. Israel's innovative culture and thriving tech ecosystem contribute to advancements in solar panels, energy storage, and smart grids. The water-energy nexus is a crucial area, with Israel leading in technologies for desalination, wastewater treatment, and water recycling. Investors can also explore emerging fields such as wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and electric mobility. Overall, investing in Israel's green energy sector allows investors to contribute to sustainability, leverage innovative technologies, and benefit from a thriving market. READ MORE

High Tech

Israel, known as the "Startup Nation," offers a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators. Despite its small size, Israel has become a global hub for technological advancements and innovation. The key factors contributing to Israel's success as a startup nation include its cutting-edge technological expertise in sectors like cybersecurity and AI, strong government support through programs and incentives, world-class universities and research institutions, a thriving venture capital ecosystem, a collaborative and global mindset among entrepreneurs, and the influence of military experience and innovation. Israel's entrepreneurial spirit, supportive ecosystem, and collaborative mindset continue to attract attention and investment, ensuring its position as a leading hub for startups and a source of groundbreaking technologies and solutions READ MORE


Industrial companies in the modern era face both opportunities and challenges. The opportunities include technological advancements, digital transformation, sustainable practices, and global expansion. These advancements can enhance productivity, improve decision-making, attract environmentally conscious customers, and access new markets. However, industrial companies also encounter challenges such as global competition, talent acquisition and retention, supply chain complexity, and regulatory compliance. Overcoming these challenges requires innovation, investment in skills development, robust supply chain management, and adherence to regulations. By strategically leveraging opportunities and addressing challenges, industrial companies can thrive in the dynamic business environment of today. READ MORE

Retail - Food | Non Food

Non-food retail formats in Israel encompass a diverse range of sectors and formats. Traditional retail establishments like department stores, specialty shops, and independent retailers are common. Shopping malls are popular destinations, offering a variety of retail stores, entertainment facilities, and dining options. E-commerce has gained prominence, providing the convenience of online shopping. The fashion and apparel industry thrives, with local designers and international brands showcasing their collections. The electronics and technology sector caters to the demand for gadgets and tech-related products. Home and décor, health and beauty, books and stationery, sports and fitness, and specialty retail are other prominent non-food formats. The industry is dynamic, with e-commerce and changing consumer behaviors influencing traditional retail READ MORE

Kibbutz Industry

The Kibbutz industry in Israel has evolved from collective agricultural communities to encompass a wide range of industrial enterprises. Originally focused on agriculture, Kibbutzim diversified their activities and ventured into manufacturing. With advancements in technology, they embraced modern methods and machinery. Kibbutz industries shifted towards export-oriented production, leading to the emergence of multinationals originating from the Kibbutz industry. Some notable examples include KIA, Netafim, Adama Agricultural Solutions, Plazit-Polygal, and Caesarstone. These companies have made significant contributions to various sectors such as plastics, irrigation systems, crop protection, and quartz surfaces. The Kibbutz industry continues to play a vital role in shaping Israel's industrial landscape and contributing to its economy. READ MORE

Space tech

Space Tech is the rapidly growing sector that focuses on technology for space exploration, satellite communication, and related activities. It encompasses spacecraft design, satellite systems, launch vehicles, space robotics, and more. The emergence of Space Tech offers various opportunities:

Space Exploration: Governments and private companies invest in missions to explore celestial bodies, leading to scientific discoveries and potential human settlements on other planets.

Satellite Technology: Satellites are crucial for global communication, weather forecasting, navigation, Earth observation, and remote sensing. They enable broadband internet services, resource monitoring, climate analysis, and disaster response.

Commercial Space Activities: Private companies are investing in space tourism, offering individuals the opportunity to travel to space, which could revolutionize travel and tourism.

Technological Advancements: Space Tech drives innovation, fostering advancements in materials, propulsion systems, and electronics that find applications across various industries such as transportation, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Overall, Space Tech presents vast opportunities for scientific advancements, economic growth, and cross-sector collaborations, transforming our understanding of the universe and benefiting life on Earth. READ MORE

Other Industries

The Israel economy encompses several additional attractive industries. The pharmaceutical industry in Israel is known for its innovation and focus on research and development, contributing to advancements in medical solutions globally. Israel's tourism services sector attracts visitors from around the world, offering a diverse range of historical, religious, and cultural attractions. The country's real estate investments sector provides opportunities for domestic and international investors, with a strong emphasis on residential, commercial, and industrial properties, particularly in major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Together, these industries contribute to Israel's economy and showcase its strengths in innovation, tourism, and investment opportunities. READ MORE

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