Our process

Initial Consultation

Meet with DKR2 Capital Partners Advisor in person to discuss your unique business and your personal goals. Your Senior Advisor will answer all your questions and explain our process

Confidential Appraisal

Your DKR2 Capital Partners Advisor gathers current and historical financial and other information about your company and creates valuation spreadsheets. He analyzes the information and, with his knowledge and experience of the marketplace, derives the highest achievable market price for your business. He meets with you again and explains the valuation and answers any questions.

Move Forward Or Not – You Decide Risk-Free

At the same time your DKR2 Capital Partners Advisor presents the valuation, he also presents our Success Fee structure — a commission based on a percentage of the price that your business sells for, due at settlement. If you decide to move forward, we enter into a simple Agreement. If you decide not to move forward, we shake hands and part as friends. You owe us absolutely nothing.

Preparation of your marketing materials

DKR2 Capital Partners team will create, a custom-written document that presents your business in its best light to prospective buyers. The document contains the majority of the information buyers need to make an investment decision.

Choosing The Right Buyer

DKR2 Capital Partners has a systematic approach that ensures your business is matched to the right buyer. We are extremely well positioned with key financial and stregatic investors.

We will present the various offers into a framework that will allow you to choose the best offer.

Managing The Offer And Negotiation Process

Following the selection of the most appropriate Buyer we will manage the negotiation process to assure you the best deal from the strongest buyer.

Managing The Due Diligence And Purchase Agreement Process

Once we have a signed Letter of Intent from a buyer, the buyer typically engages in due diligence — a short period of time in which he can examine your business in more detail before making his final decision to proceed with the purchase. DKR2 Capital Partners  helps you manage this process by creating a strict timeline and making sure confidentiality is maintained.

Referring Professionals

We strongly advise each party to retain an attorney and accountant with experience in business transactions of this type in order to protect your interests and bring your deal to a successful closing.

Overcoming Obstacles To Closing

Our extensive experience has taught us that obstacles will arise during the transaction process. We will be there to help you overcome every challenge and guide your transaction to a successful conclusion.


Let’s Talk Possibilities

Looking to raise funds, acquire a company, grow outside of Israel ? Don't hesitate to leave your contact details and a senior advisor from our team will get back to you discuss with you how we can support you.